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Concord Park Local Rules

  1. Paths. Well-defined footpaths, cart paths etc are immovable obstructions and relief should be taken under Rule 24-2.
  2. Stones in bunkers may be lifted prior to making a stroke without penalty (Rule 24-1), this rule also applies to twigs, branches and tins etc. If the ball rolls from its position when the obstruction is removed it should be placed back on its original spot (Rule 24b). If the ball lies on an animal burrow it may be lifted and dropped as near as possible out of the offending area but in the bunker.
  3. Damage to putting greens. If any area of obvious damage on a putting green is in the line of your putt to the hole, then you may move away from the area to a point, which is the nearest point of relief no nearer to the hole without penalty. (Obvious damage does NOT include pitchmarks or spikemarks)
  4. Tees. In the absence of tee markers on any tee, the teeing ground is to be taken as two club-lengths from the back tee.
  5. A ball striking the protection stakes around the greens man by played again at the players discretion.
  6. Gratings covering water points for sprinklers are immovable obstructions and relief may be obtained (Rule 24-2b)
  7. All trees including stakes or newly planted young trees offer NO RELIEF whatsoever. The ball must be played as it lies.r
  8. The 13th Hole. Please be advised that WOODS must not be used when playing from the 13th tee unless in an authorized competition.